CUCKOO CP-KN501 Korea Cold & Hot Water Purifier 韓國冷熱淨水機

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CUCKOO CP-KN501 Korea Cold & Hot Water Purifier 韓國冷熱淨水機

Availability: 現貨

Filter Steps過濾方式:Nano Positive Filtration System

Filter & Replacement Period濾芯更換期:

Sediment Filter(Every 4 Months)

Pre-Carbon Filter(Every 8 Months)

Natural Filter(Every 12 Months)

Nano Positive Filter(Every 12 Months)

Tank Capacity儲水量:Cold冷水1.0L, Room室溫水0.3L(可連續出水), Hot熱水1.0L

Material:Antibacterial Stainless Steel Water Tank防菌不鏽鋼儲水箱

Power Consumption:Cold冷水 100W, Hot熱水 300W

Dimension尺寸:220mm(W) x 492mm(D) x 490mm(H)

Product Weight重量:13.6kg 




1.Design for homes適合家居

2.Slim and stylish design慳地方

3.First mild-alkaline water purifier that features room-temperature and cold water提供溫和鹼牲常溫水及冷水

4.Nano Positive Filtration System先進過濾系統

5.Stainless steel water tank不鏽鋼儲水

6.Child lock safety feature兒童安全鎖