CUCKOO B Model Cordless Air Purifier

HKD 5,880HKD 3,980


Go beyond the distance with the CUCKOO B Model Cordless Air Purifier that could last 8 hours per charge! No socket? No problem! Get purified air in any room and at any corner!

  1. Cordless Operation: 8 hours per charge
  1. Recommended Coverage Area: 40.5m2 / 435.94 ft2
  2. Upgraded PM2.5 Filter, eliminates up to 99.95% of airborne dust
  3. CUCKOO Plasma Ioniser, turns harmful substances into clean air
  4. 5 filters & 8-level filtration system
  5. Real time Smart Dual Sensors to show air condition (Colour Indicator and Contamination Figure)
  6. Voice guide with 3 languages
  7. Certified with the clean air mark by the Korean Air Cleaning Association
FILTRATION PROCESS (8-level Filtration System)

Level 1: Pre Filter – Eliminates large dust particles in the air

Level 2: Allergen Plus Filter – Eliminates small dust particles which are not removed by the pre filter

Level 3: Harmful Gas Relax Filter – Eliminates harmful substances including NO2, SO2 and benzene

Level 4: Deodorization Filter – Eliminates unpleasant smells and harmful gases in everyday life

Level 5-8: 4-in-1 HEPA Filter – Upgraded Ultra PM2.5 Filter, Eliminates up to 99.95% of airborne dust, and effectively remove pollens, mites and cigarette smoke


Product Name

Cordless Air Purifier


B Model Cordless

Charging Time

About 3 hours

Usage Time

About 8 hours (Sleep Mode)


8-level Filtration System




Filter Replacement Period

Pre Filter

Clean every 2 weeks

Allergen Plus Filter

Replace every 4 months

Harmful Gas Relax Filter

Replace every 12 months

Deodorization Filter

Replace every 12 months

4-in-1 HEPA Filter

Replace every 12 months

Reach Area

40.5m2 / 435.94 ft2


452mm(L) x 236mm(W) x 630mm(H)



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